What’s New in BigBox 2.3.0

BigBox 2.3.0 continues accessibility improvements of the theme, the developer experience, and deepens 3rd party plugin integrations.

New Features

Full Changelog

[2.3.1] – 2018-01-08

  • Ensure header allows dropdown facet types.

[2.3.0] – 2018-01-08

  • Further :focus accessibility improvements.
  • Fallback to default shop sidebar on dynamic shop page mobile filters.
  • Avoid Javascript error when focus element on horizontal nav bar does not exist.
  • Avoid PHP syntax error.

[2.2.0] – 2018-12-27

  • Accessibility improvements:
    • Better tabbing order for shop filters and results.
    • “Skip to content” and “Skip to result” skip links.
    • Ensure all focus outlines are visible.
  • Upgrade developer experience:
    • Use more @wordpress npm packages (eslintbrowserslist)
    • Update JS coding standards.
    • Update PHP coding standards.
    • Update CSS coding standards.
  • Request a Google Fonts API key when generating font list.
  • Allow integrations to define helper files to be autoloaded.
  • Avoid error if offcanvas drawer source or target does not exist.

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