“Lifestyle” BigBox Demo

BigBox is optimized for thousands of products its flexible and customizable nature means it’s very easy to tailor to theme to your needs.

To show this we have put together a more stylized “Lifestyle” shop demo.

“Lifestyle” Demo Homepage

This demo does not use any extra plugins, simply a bit of custom CSS code (shared below) to completely transform the look of BigBox. The custom homepage was created in Gutenberg and WooCommerce’s [products] shortcode block to bring attention to featured products on the homepage.

With a few color changes, typography updates, and a little additional CSS the BigBox WooCommerce theme can be completely transformed to fit your needs.

Have you made something amazing with BigBox? We’d love to see it in the comments below!

We’ve also tweaked our default demo to make it a little more generic, and added even more products!

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