What’s New in BigBox 1.7.0

BigBox 1.7.0 includes a few great enhancements to further push the performance of the theme.

Lately I have been following the WP Rig project which aims to create a modern build process and and implement progressive enhancements for many web standards. From the theme I found the lazy loading of images an interesting concept to implement and borrowed some code (🎉 GPL!) to implement in BigBox. You can see the images lazy loading in the BigBox demo →

Another great improvement is the updated appearance of Grouped products in WooCommerce.

Grouped Product

Full Changelog

  • New: Better Grouped product support in WooCommerce.
  • New: Lazyload images.
  • Fix: Cart and Order Review product title size.
  • Fix: Ensure “Minimal” templates keep branding centered on mobile devices.
  • Fix: Ensure images are lazy loaded again once FacetWP refreshes.
  • Fix: Match Gutenberg title block to frontend.

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